Sustainable Marine’s Swift Anchors™ division provides a range of novel anchoring solutions for marine projects. The company has been developing anchoring solutions since 2011. It has been driven by the requirements to have a low cost, rapidly deployed and robust anchoring solution. Swift Anchors provides solution for all marine environments, and a wide range of seabed types including rock, overburden, and soft sediments.

Swift Anchors offers solutions that can be deployed in harsh offshore environments into a range of seabed conditions from compacted sand to tough basalt. We have developed a range of Anchoring Remote Operated Vehicles (A-ROVs) that install the anchors. These can be shipped anywhere in the world in standard ISO containers. We can provide a comprehensive certified anchor solution with a range of services that includes site surveys (bathymetry, sub bottom profiling etc), geotechnical site investigations, geotechnical assessments, anchor design, mooring design. installation methods, anchor and mooring supply, installation and post installation remote inspection and maintenance.

competItive advantAges

Swift Anchors solutions have much lower logistical costs compared to traditional gravity and other anchor foundations.

Anchors can be installed in a single slack water in fast tidal speed locations (typically 20-25 minutes to drilled into Basalt).

High strength rock for scoured rock seabed’s where traditional embedment anchors will not work, thereby opening up these geotechnically challenging sites for commercial use.

Rock anchors can take vertical as well as horizontal loading. Pretensioned and designed to take cyclical loading.

An anchor equivalent to 100’s of tonnes of deadweight can be installed from a Multi-cat – much lower cost and carbon footprint than gravity anchors.

Low environmental impact, minimal seabed disturbance and very quiet installation. (No requirement for listing on the UK Marine Noise Registry).

ProductS and services

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Groutless rock anchors

Screw anchor piles

Drag embedement


Engineering services


Geotechnical survey and studies


Mooring analysis and naval architecture


Detailed seabed surveys


Consultancy/Anchoring FEED



Detailed anchoring and mooring solution




Data analytics


Anchoring and mooring inspection / operating and maintenance