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Sustainable Marine sells Swift Anchors business to AQUOS SCHOTTEL Marine Technologies GmbH

Sustainable Marine has a reputation for successfully developing highly innovative technology solutions to support the rapidly expanding marine renewable energy sector, and has been working with SCHOTTEL to jointly develop cutting marine energy solutions for close to a decade. This includes the PLAT-I floating instream tidal energy system which recently became the first of its kind to deliver electricity to the grid in Canada.


Swift Anchors’ technology has been developed in tandem with this pioneering work to facilitate faster and more cost-effective mooring installations in highly energetic tidal sites, with very short working windows.

Swift Anchors’ technology offers a broad range of solutions include large helical screw anchors for sand, shingle and clay seabeds; rock anchors for a range of rocks and grouted piles for mixed seabed geologies. In particular, the rock anchors drive significant OPEX and CAPEX cost savings, plus wide-ranging environmental benefits compared to traditional to gravity anchors.

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