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Swift Anchors – A greener approach to marine anchoring

Sustainable Marine’s Swift Anchors product line is aiming to deliver one of the world’s ‘greenest’ marine anchoring solutions.

Sustainable Marine has been developing anchoring technology for nearly a decade with a mission to revolutionise the traditional approach to anchoring systems, including clump weighs and gravity anchors, with a low cost, rapidly deployable and environmentally friendly solution.

Key to its approach is the use of low-carbon footprint, long-life, high-strength technology. This dramatically reduces seabed impact and speeds up installations using smaller vessels, leading to massive carbon savings.

The Swift Anchors product portfolio includes Groutless Rock Anchors, Screw Anchor Piles, Drag Embedment Anchors and Grouted Self-Drilling Piles.

Following a recent landmark deal, the novel rock anchor solution will be used to support the deployment of US tidal energy developer ORPC’s next generation TidGen system.

The project will serve as a strong environmental case study, as the test site in Cobscook, Eastport Maine, US, features a rock seabed - where the only other viable technical alternative is gravity anchors.

Swift Anchors’ technology will aim to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of ORPC’s anchoring system equivalent to 50 tonnes of CO2, or the emissions of a Boeing 737- 400 flying 10 times around the equator.

The eco-friendly solution creates minimal seabed disturbance with low environmental impact from noise during installation.

There are additional environmental benefits. Due to the scale of the infrastructure, it only requires light-touch logistics, meaning it can be easily installed from small muti cat type vessels, further reducing cost and carbon emissions. The rock anchors can be deployed in a single slack tide, taking under 30-minutes to install in hard rocks like basalt.

The initial commercial offering includes a high strength ‘rock bolt’ with a holding capacity equivalent to 750 tonnes of concrete, opening up rocky areas where traditional anchors are not commercially or technically feasible. This creates greater opportunities in higher-energy and more geotechnically challenging sites for aquaculture, traditional moorings and other marine renewable energy systems and can be readily scaled to meet the needs of floating offshore wind.

The ability to accurately position the anchors significantly benefits the balance of the mooring system reducing cost, enhancing maintainability and reducing the environmental impact to the seabed.

Rock-anchors aside, the broader Swift Anchors’ division is a ‘one-stop-anchor-shop’ for all marine anchoring and mooring requirements.

Its wide range of solutions have been carefully refined over many years to adapt to all forms of seabed conditions, including overburden, and soft sediments.

The technology is highly versatile for use across multiple marine sectors, including offshore wind, wave, tidal and solar power, as well as aquaculture, ocean flow, marine civil engineering, ocean thermal energy conversion and other marine renewable applications.

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