Chris Burden

Principal Naval Architect

Chris Burden is the Principal Naval Architect at Sustainable Marine Energy and brings with him 14 years’ experience in the marine industry having graduated with a BEng in Naval Architecture from the University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne, UK, in 2006.

Chris joined Sustainable Marine Energy in 2014 having spent 5 years working on defence projects with surfaced and submerged combatants at QinetiQ, 2 years at ANSYS in the offshore oil and gas industry and 1 year with Burness Corlett Three Quays in the superyacht industry.

Chris is responsible for the design, development and technical delivery of Sustainable Marine Energy’s tidal energy platforms, working with teams in the UK, Germany, and Canada.

Chris has overseen the design, build and installation of  the company’s first PLAT-I floating tidal energy system in Scotland and its subsequent re-deployment in Canada, Nova Scotia. Chris is now overseeing the design of Sustainable Marine Energy’s second generation of PLAT-I floating tidal energy system.

Chris was runner up in the World Super Yacht Awards ‘Young Designer of the Year’ 2009.

Chris lives on the south coast, River Hamble and enjoys sailing in his free time.