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In these times of increased energy demand, dwindling natural resources and the pressures of climate change, the need for cleaner, sustainable forms of energy has never been greater.

Controlled by the orbit of the moon, tidal power is non-polluting, reliable and predictable. It has an important role to play in protecting our environment, especially the coastlines and waterways that are vital to the culture and economy of remote, coastal communities.

Energy output from tidal power generators is predictable since we can accurately predict when tides occur. This makes tidal energy reliable and easy to integrate with the grid. It is also sustainable because its energy comes from the lunar and solar cycle.

Tidal energy is also a renewable source of electricity which does not result in the emission of gases responsible for global warming or acid rain associated with fossil fuel generated electricity.


With many island and coastal communities around the world depending on polluting energy sources, our tidal power solutions empower those communities to better protect their coastlines and their livelihoods. By harnessing the power of moving water, we can offer a clean alternative to diesel or coal. Our PLAT-I tidal power systems can be deployed in remote communities with local boats and equipment, and we engage businesses, suppliers and resources in the area as a means to support the local economy.

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